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"Friendship, fun and frolics for all ages, with an historical twist!"

Historical re-enactment with Charles Gerard’s regiment is a rewarding and exciting hobby. We are a welcoming, friendly group of families and individuals who pursue a wide range of activities and interests as part of the Sealed Knot Society.

What can I do?

Charles Gerard’s regiment recreates all aspects of 17th century life – not just warfare – and members can take part in any of our activities. Our regiment regularly forms part of the “Living History” encampment at events, demonstrating contemporary crafts, cookery, arms and armour with close interaction with the public.


The Sealed Knot is of course also famous for its large-scale battle re-enactments utilising the “pike and shot” tactics of the period. Members typically fight as pikemen, musketeers or with the artillery, in addition to a range of supporting roles on and off the battlefield such as medics, drummers and water-carriers. All roles are open to men and women - members of the regiment over the age of 16 can take part in any of the battlefield activities. Younger members can still take part in the “Living History” camp with their families and those over the age of 10 can become “apprentices at arms” – a supervised programme of training and activities for future 17th century soldiers!


Our events usually take place on weekends at a range of venues around the United Kingdom, from Scottish castles to the battlefields and mansions of the home counties. We are usually accommodated at temporary campsites (included in your membership fee) close to event venues and have the opportunity to explore the local area as part of a weekend of displays, battles and social activities.

How do I join?

The best way to experience the fun of being a reenactor is to join up as below and come along to one of our events! You are not expected to purchase equipment or costume when you first attend an event and we offer full training and guidance on how to dress, act and fight as a 17th century soldier and civilian. A range of authentic kit is available for purchase at our larger events and many members also make their own using the materials and techniques of the period.

Membership Forms

We have a range of options – temporary and longer term – so you can come along and take part. See details of membership fees on the right.


All membership applications should be accompanied by:

Annual or half-year membership form

Temporary membership form

Where can I find further information?

Please feel free to speak to our members at any Sealed Knot event or contact us for further information.

Gerard's in action!

cannon firing

Come and watch us

Please check back as events may be subject to change

24-25 June Thirlestane Castle, Scotland
22-23 July Newark, Notts
6 Aug Llancaiach Fawr, Wales
27-28 Aug Scampston Hall, Yorks
Sept 23-24 Kineton, Warwickshire

2017 Membership Fees

Annual & Half Year, valid until 30 Nov 2017

Annual Membership
(Valid for the full season)
Family (two adults plus their children) £59.00
Individual Family (one adult plus their children) £39.00
Individual £39.00
Young Person (16-24) £31.00
Half-Year Membership
(Valid only from 1st July)
Family (two adults plus their children) £41.00
Individual Family (one adult plus their children) £21.00
Individual £21.00
Young Person (16-24) £21.00
Temporary Membership
(Valid for one weekend only)
Family (two adults plus their children) £21.00
Individual £16.00
Young Person (16-24) £16.00